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The Clean Trade Project was set up to stop the trade in sending stolen resources to consumers, and
to fight the curses of authoritarianism, corruption, civil war, and severe poverty. The solutions to the
resource curses turn on one basic principle: “Might does not make right.” We were asked to create the
branding, website and design the policy document, which was launched to think tanks and companies
via workshops.

What we have achieved

“We've been using the brief as the basis of an invitation to meetings in the USA. We've had
acceptances from a former Secretary of State and an ambassador; representatives from the
State Department, the National Security Council, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,
and the IMF; a best-selling author and an internationally-syndicated newspaper columnist;
and high-profile individuals from major NGO's, think tanks, and academia. The brief has
been a real asset to Clean Trade.”
– Professor Leif Wenar, Chair of Ethics

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